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Prologue: Immortal Indeed!

  • This is my very own work. I posted it at my first home, RoyalRoad so maybe you can read it there. No, not maybe but definitely.

    Road To Immortality! Again!

    Prologue: Immortal Indeed!


    In the darkness world there’s seems to be a person. Although the world is painted with blackness, the person’s body is glittering with lights, no, more likely its a spirit.

    ‘W-What is this!?’ The spirit opened its eyes, what showing in it is confusion, life and anger.

    ‘I died didn’t I? But what is this suppose to mean? I’m back to this void world!? What the f** do you still want with me!? The spirit scream like a mad man while clutching his fist tight. If its a physical body maybe his nails are now digging deap to his palm.

    ‘Bastard! Who might you be get the hell out of here!! Why the F** I’m here!? Why!? I’ve live my life for thousand of years! Meeting new people loving them and seeing them died in front of me!’ The spirit continue its scream at first its an angry words but little by little its angry scream turn to sorrow and pleading words. “just let me rest already! Just what’s the use of me dying if I’m still going to be here!? Please let me rest!!!!’

    Just as you guess. This person is the Immortal Nex, Nex Serus. No need to explain who he is. As we all see his life, hardship, pain, etc and etc. We even know what plot he did just so he can die.

    “What a nostalgia to be here again”

    After for who knows how long. Nex at last calm down.

    ‘Am I going to be reincarnated again? This blackness is the same as it did back there. This pure blank space!’

    This place is the same place he saw when Nex opened his eyes after he died at his first world. So being here he by no means doesn’t know the meaning behind this place.

    This Place is like a road to your next life. So being here means that you will be reincarnated.

    Nex who is floating here and there for who knows how long. Suddenly his eyes lit.

    “Looks like the time for me to reincarnate is here.” What he saw is a hole of light. This light is leading to who knows where. But Nex is sure that. No matter where it leads the outcome is the same: New Life.

    “If I somehow turn to baby again then my only choice is the path of normal person. I no longer seek the immortality. After all what’s the use of immortality if my loved ones are mortals?” nex who got immortality in his life already knows the pain of being immortal to the point that he will commit everything just to die, and so he did.

    He got nearer and nearer to the light and then


    His vision blank out.

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Soshite Shoujo

Sorry for the super super super late post about Soshite Shoujo.

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Breaking Off the Engagement 2


For now, I have to bid my friends here farewell before I head off to the territory.

Had there not been a summon from Leon-sama, I would’ve been drinking tea with them right now as promised though. If memory serves me right, it’s supposed to be at Catherine’s place.

Shall I make an appearance there now?

「Oh. Lillina. What business did His Highness have with you today?」

Catherine inquired with keen interest.

Beside her, Rosalind turned to look at me with the same expression as well.

After taking in a deep breathe, I began to talk about the prior events.

「Well, to put it frankly, he broke off our engagement」


The pair simultaneously dropped their cups and rattled the chairs.

「W-wait just a moment. Could you have made some sort of misunderstanding about it?」

「T-that’s right! Really Lillina, isn’t it that you just misheard?」

The pair’s flustered…

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Breaking Off the Engagment 1

A new Shoujo novel! Great!


「Lillina, please pretend that your engagement with me never happened.」

After receiving the summon from my fiance, Leon-sama, I came to the garden of the royal palace, which was also his home, and saw a lovely woman stuck next to him.

「Lillina, I’m thinking of marrying Ange.」

Hmmhmm, which means I don’t have to continue receiving that severe queen education huh?

It was originally a promise made between the two families.

Since Leon-sama, this country’s first prince, said he wanted to break off the engagement, then it’s all good, isn’t it?

So as not to show my pleasure at having slipped out of the queen’s training in my expression, I answered while looking down slightly.

「Leon-sama, I understood what you said. Well then, please excuse me.」

Once I said that to Leon-sama, I immediately left the garden behind me.

Ok! First, I’ll bring the news to Father and the…

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Soshite Shoujo wa Akujo no Karada o Te ni Ireru Chapter 14

Chapter 14:


“They said that they can’t use the cafeteria today.”

“Are you serious!?”

I heard that rumor this morning. During the morning assembly, according to our teacher, the ingredients didn’t arrive because of transportation troubles. Too bad, I was thinking about getting Ten-don today.

But really, this is quite a problem. Since they can’t use the cafeteria, I won’t be able to have lunch today. I’m starting to get hungry as noon approaches. Getting hungry is proof that you’re healthy.

I wonder what people who usually get lunch too will do? As I was pondering this, a boy from another class came in to invite Tanaka-kun. They’re the people that I had lunch together with before.

“Satoshi, let’s go to the food stand.”

“Sure, I’ll go right now.”

The stand. I see, they’re going to buy lunch at the food stand. All right, maybe I’ll go buy mine at the stand. I’ve never gone to a stand a single time so I’m excited to see what they’re selling.

I followed Tanaka-kun and his friends to the stand. When I arrived, it was a battlefield.

“Katsu sandwich and tuna and salmon onigiri!”

“The yakisoba pan is sold out!”

“Seriously? Okay then I’ll get 4 croquette pan and onigiri! I don’t care what the type is!”

“Can I please have a melon pan and a fruit sandwich?”

“Ouch, don’t push me! Respect the order of the line!”

The people, people, people, pushing in towards the stand. It’s terrifying….. I have to get inside this? It looks like I would get squashed in there.

As a test I tried to get in once but I was instantly pushed out. The other girls around me were also desperately trying to wedge themselves into the crowd. S-Strong. I’m healthy now but I still don’t have enough strength. Should I try weight training?

Unable to progress further in the line, I heard more and more foods go out of stock. At this rate I’m not going to have lunch.

As I was feeling greatly perplexed by this, I saw a large person push their way through the crowd.


In one hand he held a huge plastic bag filled with onigiri. Is he going to eat all of them? Amazing.

“Nn? Oh it’s you Shinozuka. What are you doing here? If you want to buy from the stand you should hurry up. They’re going to be all sold out.”

“Uuu…… I tried to get in the crowd to buy food but I was just pushed out.”

Seeing me feeling down, Mikoshiba-kun offered out his hand of salvation.

“Yeah, you are pretty petite Shinozuka. What do you want? I’ll go get it for you.”

“What, I feel bad having you do that.”

I wouldn’t be able to enter this battlefield twice. If it would cause trouble for him I’d rather go without lunch.

“Don’t worry about it. If you go without food you’ll collapse. What do you want to eat?”

Mikoshiba-kun’s expression doesn’t seem to change very much. Even so, I feel like he was smiling just a little bit.

“All right then, I’ll take you up on your offer and rely on you for this. I don’t know what they’re selling so just get any 2 breads and 1 onigiri please. I don’t have any dislikes so just choose whatever you want!”

“I got it. Hold this.”

I held his plastic bag as Mikoshiba-kun entered the crowd. He pushed his way through the crowd as if it were easy. He’s like superman.

Then Mikoshiba-kun returned ordinarily and in his hand was a hot dog and two bomb-sized onigiri, they were so big that they couldn’t fit in my hand.

“I recommend this. It’s worth eating.”

“T-Thank you very much.”

I wonder if I’ll be able to finish it. The onigiri handed to me was profoundly heavy and I had no idea what was inside the one covered in seaweed. I’m a little excited to find out.

“You’re amazing, Mikoshiba-kun. You looked pretty cool, gallantly walking through the crowd like that.”

“Really? I guess I do have quite a lot of strength.”

“As I thought you must be working out right?”

I unintentionally kept looking at Mikoshiba-kun’s arm. Tight, muscular arms on guys are pretty attractive.

“I never slack off on weight training. Also, I do training for my club and running.”

“Club… I got it! You must be in the Karate Club, Mikoshiba-kun!”

“Nope. I’m in the Judo Club.”

Oh you were in that one. I bet your figure in the judo uniform suits you well. Judo is where you throw your opponent right? I’ve seen it being broadcasted online for the olympics once.

“Mikoshiba-kun, can you do the move where you’re like hyah and tohh?”

“You mean the seoi nage (shoulder throw)? I can do it but if I were to say so myself, I’m better at uchimata. Also newaza too.”

Uchimata? Newaza? I don’t know what they are but I assume they are judo techniques. A weaponless fight done on top of tatami mats. How nice, it’s hot and manly.

“Are you interested in judo?”

“I want to see it sometime.”

“I do judo after school so feel free to come watch.”

“Really? I thought I would start jogging to prepare for the athletic festival but maybe it’s better for me to build up my muscles?”

After I said that Mikoshiba-kun stood up and stared down at me.

“I think rather than building muscles you should gain some leaping power maybe? Since you’re participating in the bread eating contest.”

Once he opened his mouth he wouldn’t stop.

That’s right. No matter how fast I can run or how much physical strength I obtain, the only skill needed for the bread eating contest is jumping power.



“How is this jumping power?”

As I was holding the onigiri I jumped right from where I was standing. It didn’t feel like my view changed at all, I wonder if it will it be okay with only this much jumping power?

“Try it one more time. This time with all your might.”

He held my onigiri and bread for me, and this time I raised my arms as I jumped with all of my strength. How about that!

“That’s no good. Don’t lean forward when you jump. Here, look at this and aim towards it.”

He raised a hot dog over my head.

Oooh, could this be a full-blown practice for the bread eating contest? Since I have this chance I’ll try my best.


“Again. Move your arms more.”

“Yes, master!”

I jumped again and again, opening my mouth and aiming for the hot dog. This is pretty difficult. It could just be my imagination but Mikoshiba-kun looks like he’s enjoying this.

I could almost reach it but not quite, it seems like I need more practice. I think I’ll try asking Yuuya-kun for help at home.

But still, although I’ve been jumping over and over again I haven’t had any spasms, it’s pretty amazing to have a body that can exercise!

“What are the two of you doing?”

“Is this a new type of bullying? Mikoshiba seems to be enjoying dangling the bread over her.”

“No, it seems like this girl is just frantically trying to jump and doesn’t seem like she hates it. Rather than that…..”

「「「I want to be in Mikoshiba’s position—」」」

Since I kept jumping over and over I had less time to eat my lunch.

I decided to eat with Mikoshiba-kun in a classroom that was open and despite having so many onigiri they disappeared one by one. It was as though the rice was a drink and it went straight into Mikoshiba-kun’s stomach.


“Nn? Do you want some?”

“No no, please keep eating.”

Since I was staring so much he thought that I wanted some.

But it appears that Mikoshiba-kun has an average size for his onigiri, which includes the bomb onigiri that he recommended to me so I can’t take another one. To think that he could easily eat that size onigiri.

Since I was watching the whole time, my chest felt so full that I could only eat one bomb onigiri. I’ll eat the rest once I get home.

After I finished lunch, as I parted ways with Mikoshiba-kun and returned to the classroom I saw a person who looked like they were carrying heavy teaching materials. If I remember correctly, they were the day duty person for the same class. It seems difficult for a girl to carry this kind of heavy stuff.

“I’ll help you!”

“Eh? Shi-Shinozuka-san. That’s all right, it’s my job.”

What a great person. How far they go to take responsibility and carry heavy things. The reflection of a day duty person.

“Please keep at your day duty job. I’ll be cheering you on!”

“T-Thank you.”

But it really does look heavy. It’s teetering side to side. I want to help but that’s just for my ego right. She wants to carry out her own job. This isn’t where I come to play.

“……..Could you help me hold this for just a little?”

The girl walking by turned her head around apologetically. She’s depending on me right? I’m being relied on!

“Yes, with pleasure!”

“……..Ahaha, it’s like a bar.”

I took half of the teaching materials and as we were walking, we talked about silly things. Aah, talking with a female classmate. School life, I’m fully satisfied.

“Ever since you lost your memory, your mood has really changed.”


“Like somehow you’ve become more soft, like more friendly. Before, I didn’t want to get involved with you….. ah, sorry!”

“No, not at all.”

I’ve become more friendly. Those words remain in my ears like an echo. Since I’ve become more friendly that means I’ve adapted to the class right.

The athletic festival is on the Saturday of the week after next. At this rate, I might possibly be able to high five everyone in my class! The athletic festival and high fiving. This is youth!

“Oh, that looks heavy. I’ll carry it.”

From the top of the stairs a boy came down and took the teaching materials from both me and the day duty girl. Easily. Mu—, it must be nice to be a guy.

“Thank you for helping me, Shinozuka-san.”

“Feel free to ask me again any time.”

“Hey do I get no thanks.”

“You’re also in day duty aren’t you! Shinozuka-san helped us out so you should thank her too.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

I guess this boy was also in our class. I still haven’t memorized all the names and faces of my classmates.

“Thank you again Shinozuka. You look so young without makeup on. You’re cuter that way.”

Cute! Right? Aika-chan is so cute. I’m glad that there’s someone who understands Aika-chan’s cuteness.

“Thank you very much. I’m bad at putting on makeup. It just gets between the eyelids you see.”

“I know what you mean—. It hurts so much when you pluck your eyebrows right.”

“Ehh? you pluck your eyebrows? Won’t you run out?”

Why would you need to pluck your eyebrows?

“It’s just to arrange the shape of your eyebrows. When summer approaches you need to deal with all your unwanted hairs and it’s such a pain.”

“Deal with unwanted hairs?”

“That’s right. You use your razor like this.”

She stretched out her arm and pretended to shave, huh, wait a second. Isn’t a razor a blade? Furthermore, body hair is there for the sake of guarding the skin, so to cut it off is…….

“A girl covered in thick hair seems unsightly to others. It’s tough being a girl.”

So I guess it’s kind of a fashion thing. To use a blade seems dreadful…… I wonder if I can do it. When I was hospitalized, I didn’t pay attention to that kind of thing. Being a girl is more difficult than I imagined.

Anyways, I was glad that I got to talk to a classmate.

I’ve thoroughly gotten used to my after school student council work. It seems that it will continue until after the athletic festival.

Since it appears that Ichinose senpai is going to be late, I began to work on other things. The athletic festival isn’t the only job for the student council after all.

When I looked through the work we have over this year, it appeared that after the athletic festival is over we have midterms. It’s an exam, an exam. This is a day where they test your daily effort. I need to begin preparing by reviewing.

“Come to think of it, I heard that a rabbit appeared during lunch?”

“Dude, why are you asking me?”

“Because I heard a rumor that you were playing with a rabbit during at lunch.”

A rabbit he said!?

My ears unintentionally became like dumbo. Because, it’s a rabbit they’re talking about. Their ears are long, their fur soft, and their eyes big and round, such a cute animal. How lucky, Mikoshiba-kun. I wanted to play with them.

Huh? But during lunch he was eating with me. I wonder if he played with it before he saw me.

“No? I didn’t meet with a rabbit.”

“That’s weird. The eyewitness report I heard sounded pretty definite. Well, I can’t even imagine you doing something like playing with a rabbit though.”

If there really is a rabbit, I am definitely going to pet it

“I’m not really good with animals so if there really is a rabbit in our school I’ll be troubled.”

“But Akira is kind of like a rabbit.”

“…….I’m going to get angry.”

Sorry. I also just imaged that. Chiba-kun wearing rabbit ears. That would be cute for sure.

“Sorry for being late.”

“Ohh, it’s Sakurako. What’s the matter?”

Huh, what did he just say?

I felt like I had seen the person who came out walking gracefully from behind Ichinose senpai before. A beauty who had shoulder length hair with a little light brown mixed in. If you lined her up with Ichinose senpai they would match well.

Bit by bit my chest began to tighten.

“He had a few things to take care of. I really appreciate how you guys work until it gets late.”

“Hello Mamiya senpai.”

“Hello Chiba kun. How are you? Have you gotten used to student council work? I hear a lot about you from Kazuki. It’s really helpful to have a first year who can do work.”

To call Ichinose senpai by his first name, and talk about him so intimately. I have no doubt about it. This person is Sakurako-san. The person Ichinose senpai likes.

When I looked up at Sakurako-san from where I was sitting, our gazes met. From my nervousness and unease I wasn’t sure what to say so I just kept looking at her.

The light reflecting off of her hair was glistening brightly and her large eyes were tenderly smiling. She had the elegance and the warmly embracing atmosphere that Mayu-chan told me about. It was almost like she was Virgin Mary…… is what I thought at that time.

“No way, she’s super cute! The Aiko from before was all aloof and cute but the Aika now is like hohonn and is so adorable! I want to take her with me!”


“Don’t take her with you. Look, this is it. The data you wanted.”

“Ah, yeah that’s it that’s it. My throat feels dry so I’m going to get some tea.”

Sakurako-san took the data and made her own tea with the tea pack then drank it.

Huh, what happened to the elegant atmosphere she had before? I wonder if I am seeing a hallucination or something.

“I get how you feel, senpai. When I first saw her, I’m pretty sure I had the same expression as you have now.”

It appears that this wasn’t a hallucination.

“I’ll formally introduce her now. This unrefined girl here is Mamiya Sakurako.”

“Don’t say that I’m unrefined.”

It appears that she didn’t like Sakaki senpai’s introduction so she lightly kicked his chair. I wonder where Virgin Mary went.

“You have memory loss? I wanted to see you much earlier but are you okay? Do you have a headache or anything?”

“I-I’m alright.”

“But to think, your personality even changed with your memory loss. This Aika-chan hasn’t even said anything against me a single time. It seems like we don’t have any rivalry I guess.”


“I bet this is difficult for you, if you have any problems let me know. I can give you advice if you need it.”

It’s not the same tender smile as she had earlier but she has a glittery radiant sparkling smile. It’s the kind of smile that charms people.

Sakurako-san set down the cup that she finished, said “See you later,” and left the student council room.

“…….She’s like a storm.”

“That was the moment when I thought women are scary.”

“You used to yearn for her a bit right—”

“Hey, you’re wrong! It wasn’t like that!”

His face got red and he denied it but I’m sure that what Sakaki senpai said was true. Fufu, cute.

Nevertheless, her atmosphere was completely different.

“That is what is commonly referred to as gap moe I believe.”

“I wonder if that phrase suits Akira.”

“What, you’re talking about me! Generally, isn’t it strange to say that a guy like me has moe.”

As Sakaki senpai and Chiba-kun were quarreling, my gaze shifted towards Ichinose senpai.

Ichinose senpai never usually changes but since he’s with the person he likes he’s happy right. My chest feels a throbbing pain.

Not only does she have a tender, refined, demeanor and is pretty but she also has skin that is bright and like an elder sisters on the surface. That person is the person that Ichinose senpai likes.


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Soshite Shoujo wa Akujo no Karada o Te ni Ireru Chapter 12

Chapter 12

I was unable to stop the girl from getting heated up. As I was wondering what was up with her she said the finishing blow.

“Break up with him already, you ugly girl!”

She said it again. Aika-chan is very cute you know! It’s just that my personality is twisted!

“What’s this fuss about.”

He startled me.

Ichinose senpai came out from behind me. Frankly, I think that was bad for my heart.

“I-Ichinose senpai, it’s because you’re too cowardly!”

“What is this all about?”

This time she’s pointing at Ichinose senpai and yelling but she took a step back with her back bent. Now that I think of it, this happened the time Tanaka-kun was here too.

“It’s because you, Ichinose senpai, don’t stay by Mamiya senpai’s side that she always seems so sad every day! Break up with this person already and go to Mamiya senpai’s side!”

“…..If she was even able to become sad, I bet she would probably have more charm.”


The eyes of Ichinose senpai who murmured this were looking at some place far away. I wonder what’s going on?

“As I was saying. Ichinose senpai and I have alrea-…”

“What’s your problem? Are you trying to say that you don’t want to break up? Someone like you compared to Mamiya senpai is just a miso lees(good for nothing) you know.”

“Miso katsu? Do I look delicious?”

“Huhh!? What kind of ears do you have. Are they as corroded as your personality!?”

So I guess it wasn’t miso katsu. I want to eat miso katsu.

Besides that, she really has a big voice. Won’t using such a loud voice make your throat hurt?

“Just stop this already. Don’t just say your own opinion without listening to what the other person’s saying.”

“W-what’s you problem….. Are you saying it’s my fault? This was originally her fault.”

“On top of that, she’s already broken up with me.”


Nice-desu, Ichinose senpai! I’m relieved that we could finally tell her.

The twin tailed girl gaped her mouth open as if she was befuddled and is widened her eyes.

“You split up…..? Really?”


“Oh…. I see. That’s good.”

Her expression was quickly turning into a smile. I bet she must really like Mamiya senpai. She’s getting excited about it as if it were about her.

Looking at her like this, she’s cute.

“Apologize to Aika.”

“Huh? Why do I need to apologize to someone like her!”

“Didn’t you misunderstand her and give her a false accusation?”

“Well that was..”

Nnn? Before I knew it this conversation was about me.

“This is all that girl’s fault you know. Since she didn’t hurry up and split with Ichinose senpai.”

“She has memory loss. There’s no point in trying to press a question to someone who has no memory of it. Also, she immediately came to me and said to end our relationship. She has done nothing wrong. You’re the one that needs to apologize.”


Hearing that he was forced to go out with me against my will, I thought I was supposed to given Ichinose senpai a bad impression.

The twin tailed girl bit her lip and glared at Ichinose senpai. If you bite that hard, you’re going to bleed.

“That could all just be a lie! I’m not the one in the wrong here!”


The twin tailed girl fluttered her hair and ran away.

Ichinose senpai deeply sighed and said we should go to the student council room. As we went there he told me about the twin tailed girl.

“That girl’s name is Nishijima Suzune. She’s a first year that admires Sakurako. She used to always go charge up against Aika but always cried after she lost to Aika’s badmouthing. I was pretty oblivious to it. Sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing senpai?”

“Because Nishijima has misunderstood something.”

When we arrived at the student council room, nobody was there so it was just Ichinose senpai and I. To try to change the mood I opened the window as Ichinose senpai was preparing the documents for the athletic festival.

Using the documents of the past program as a reference, we’re going to figure out how long each activity will take and calculate the necessary times of each activity to create the schedule. I’m in charge of looking up information about the past programs.

As I was looking it up, I tried asking him what was bothering me about what he said.

“Um, what was the misunderstanding you were talking about earlier?”

“Ahh. What she said about Sakurako-san and I having feelings for each other.”

“You don’t!?”

“The people around us may think that we do but Sakurako-san and I don’t have that kind of relationship.”

What, this is different than what people told me. From what I heard, didn’t senpai and Sakurako-san go out before…..

I don’t know what the truth is anymore.

“To say it accurately, I have a one sided love.”


Ichinose senpai has a one sided love? To think that someone as handsome as Ichinose senpai has unrequited love.

“So Aika, that means that breaking up with you doesn’t mean that I’m going out with her now.”

“But aren’t you doing things like eating lunch together? Doesn’t that mean that Sakurako-san likes you senpai?”

“Recently Sakurako has been getting into cooking. I’m just being used as a sampler.”

So that’s how it was. Ichinose senpai has a one sided love so they aren’t going out. Rumors are scary.

But, if Ichinose senpai confessed then maybe the two of them…. I’ve heard there are many cases like this when it turns out that they actually have feelings for each other. In manga and novels.

“Are you not going to confess to her?”


Au, he’s gone silent. I probably shouldn’t have asked.

“Sakurako, Keisuke, and I are childhood friends. Sakurako’s house house owns an old dry-goods store and I heard that her grandfather has already chosen her fiance.”

“Woah! Who is Keisuke?”

“That’s Sakaki, Sakaki Keisuke. He hasn’t even introduced himself to you?”

“Umm, to put it simply Mikoshiba-kun only told me his name.”

I see, so the three of them are childhood friends. That sounds nice, I’ve always wished I had a childhood friend.

Wait, a fiance? So that means that since she has a fiance she can’t go out with Ichinose senpai?

Even if they did have the same feelings for each other.

“We’re all the same age and we all get along. Before I knew it I had fallen for Sakurako, and I confessed to her once. Then she said, “I have a fiance,” so that’s why she couldn’t respond to my feelings.”

“How terrible….”

When I saw Ichinose senpai’s painful expression it made me feel the same way.

He likes her but they can’t get together. Is there anything that could be done about this?

“I had already said “Okay I see” and been giving up but then a fist flew towards me.”


“”If you’re going to give up that easily then you shouldn’t have even confessed to her in the first place,” I was told and scolded for. That punch was pretty painful.”

As he was recalling the past his eyes appeared a little hollow. Are you okay senpai?

Besides that, the more I hear about Sakurako-san the more my image of her changes. I heard she was pristine so at first I thought she was the quiet type but now I’m not so sure. I wonder what kind of person she is.

“So that’s why right now I’m trying my hardest to become a man that her grandfather will accept.”

“I see. What you’re doing seems lovely.”

So he’s trying his best for the one he likes and will confess again someday. I’m jealous of Sakurako-san for having someone like senpai thinking about her.

But then I wonder why he went out with Aika-chan. Could it be as Sakaki-san was saying, that he was threatened into it? In order to protect Sakurako-san.

“Umm, senpai. Why did you go out with Aika-chan?”

“Hey, you two got here early.”

Mikoshiba-kun came in at the worst timing. Senpai and the student council began talking about their tasks so now it’s become the kind of atmosphere where I can’t ask him anymore.

There’s many things I want to ask but I want to find them out over time. About Aika-chan and about Ichinose senpai too.

“Now that I think of it, what kind of person is Sakurako-san?”



Huh, the two of them are both silent. Mikoshiba-kun should also know about Sakurako-san so I thought that I could ask him too?

“Hmm let me think……She’s like, when you split open a bamboo, rather than having Princess Kaguya come out, it’s Kintarō carrying an ax.” (TL Note: Reference to Japanese folk tales: The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter and Kintarō)


“It’s like when you thought it was a rabbit, it was actually a hedgehog.”


I have no idea what they mean. Does Ichinose senpai like hedgehogs?

The puzzle of Sakurako-san is getting even more confusing, and when Chiba-kun arrived this conversation ended. I wonder if i’ll ever be able to meet Sakurako-san.

We finished doing the student council work for today, and when I was about to leave through the school gate I got called out.

“Hey—, Aika-chan. Did you just finish?”


Seta san was standing right by the school gate and beside her was a girl who I hadn’t seen before.

“I just finished. Are you going home from your club Seta-san?”

“Good work today. Yeah, I just finished with my club. Ah, this is my friend, Kana.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Uchimura Kana.”

Uchimura-san’s sweet smile brought out a heartwarming atmosphere and almost made me smile too.

Uchimura-san was a girl with hair down to her chest and slightly droopy eyes. But rather than looking at her appearance, your eyes first go to her voluptuous breasts. They’re pretty big….looks full.

Afu. She just introduced me to her, I wanted to listen. What did you say Seta-san.

“Hey. We’re just standing here and talking so why don’t we stop by somewhere?”

“That sounds good. I wonder where we should go. What do you want to eat, Shinozuka-san?”


C-c-could this be an invitation!? I’m being invited to go somewhere after school…..

ANGEL-ssAANN!! I’m at the epitome of happiness right now!!

“Or do you already have plans?”

“No, I’m not doing anything at all! I’m extremely bored!”

“All right, then it’s decided. Let’s head to the family restaurant over there. I want to eat their mountain fries.”

The three of us lined up as we talked and walked there. This is exactly like what I saw in my dreams, taking a side trip after school. Ah, the tears.

This is the first time in my life I’m going to a family restaurant. When we entered the store the employee greeted us with a refreshing smile.

“Welcome—. Are you a party of three?”

As we were being led to our seats, I looked around, eyes glimmering.

This is a sacred place for students, a family restaurant. To think that I would actually be able to got to one, it’s like I’m dreaming.

Besides us, there were students from other schools too. I can’t help myself from getting excited!

“Three orders of mountain fries and the drink bar. Do you want to get anything else, Aika?”

“Umm, I’m not very hungry so that’s all right.”

I am interested in the family restaurant’s menu but if I eat now I won’t be able to eat my mom’s dinner so I’ll hold back. Ahh, but this looks so good.

The menu has so many good looking items that just looking at them makes me want to drool. The desert looks so temptatious! Wow, they have a strawberry jumbo parfait. I want to jump into it!

“Aika, let’s go get juice.”

“Yeah, okay.”

Seta-san brought me to the drink bar. Yes, it is a drink bar. It’s a self serve drink bar that you can keep taking from without getting charged extra. I hope the restaurant doesn’t go out of business from this.

“Here’s your glass Aika.”

“Thank you.”

I didn’t know how to use it so I stood behind Seta-san and observed.

Woah, so it uses a machine to get the water out. All you have to do is press the button for the juice you like. Okay okay, I can do this.

Seta-san already returned to her seat, it’s time to challenge it!


This is strange. I set my cup down but the liquid isn’t coming out. Why? I don’t think that Seta-san pushed a button when she used it.

“Excuse me customer, please try holding your cup while pushing it forward.”

Unable to just watch, the employee called out to me and showed me how to use it.

I see, if you push down on the place supporting the cup, the liquid comes out. Wow, this is pretty well made.

“Thank you very much.”

“Please take your time.”

The employee had a refreshing smile, a perfect example of one that is used towards customers. I think a smile is very important to those who serve customers.

As I was about to choose the juice I liked, I discovered one that caught my eye. That was,

“Melon Juice”

I’ve never tried a carbonic drink before. I wonder what it tastes like. I want to try it but their fizzy aren’t they, carbonated drinks.

Yeah, for now I’ll just stick to orange juice. I’m too scared.

“You took quite a while. The fries are already here.”

“I was troubled over which juice to try.”

I can’t tell them. That I was puzzled because the liquid wasn’t coming out.

On top of the table, was a mountain load of fries. To think that I can enjoy two flavors, ketchup and mayonnaise, it looks great!

On top of that, to be able to share with Seta-san and Uchimura-san, this is like a dream.

“The regional competition starts next Sunday so I need to try my best.”

“Wow, it’s already the regionals? The athletic club is fast.”

“What club activity are the two of you doing?”

A district competition is a page in your adolescence. Sounds nice, I want to experience (adolescence)a club.

“I’m in track and I do short distance.”

“I’m in the wind instrument club and I’m in charge of the horn.”

“Wow, the horn. It’s amazing that you can play a musical instrument.”

I heard a lot of classical music when I was in the hospital. My physician liked it so often he recommended songs to me.

“The reason she joined was not because she liked it though—.”


“It’s alright isn’t it. You’re doing it sincerely now and also hearing love stories is interesting.”


I can’t tell where this conversation is going. Why did Uchimura-san’s face become red?

I tilted my head as I silently stuffed my cheeks with potato. Ahh, it’s so good.

“This girl, she fell in love at first sight with the senpai in the wind instrument club. So, in order to get just a little closer to him she joined the wind instrument club.”

“You fell in love at first sight? That sounds nice.”

We’re talking about love stories. Woah, I’m participating in a conversation about love with a group of girls.

Uchimura-san’s eyes are shining and her cheeks are faintly red. How nice, to be in love. I also want to experience it sometime.

“How did it feel like to fall in love at first sight?”

“Nn, let me think. Just looking at him made my chest ache, and I became unable to see anyone but him. Seeing him made me happy and it hurt when I saw him talking to other girls…. Ahh, that’s when I realized that I liked senpai.”

“Hiyu—, thanks for speaking fondly of your loved one to us.”


Feelings like your chest aching, and becoming happy just by seeing them.

……I know that feeling.


“What’s wrong?”

“I also have something to say. When I see this one person, they shine and I can only hear their voice, and it feels like my chest tightens…..”

“Woah, isn’t that love!?”

Isn’t that love.

“Hey, who is it?”

“I-Ichinose senpai.”

“Ah, it was Ichinose senpai as I expected. It’s lovely that although you had memory loss, your love hasn’t changed towards that one person.”

Love. Towards Ichinose senpai? I’m in love with Ichinose senpai?

What is this feeling. My face is getting red and my heart is loudly beating.

“Haha, your face is bright red. So cute.”

“I’m…… in love with Ichinose senpai?”

“You aren’t aware of it? Oh yeah, you lost your memory so it must feel like your first love.”

“First love…..”

I, I’m in love with Ichinose senpai.

Once I muttered those words, it felt like the hazy feeling in my chest cleared up. I like Ichinose senpai.

“…..Awawawawa, I, I, like Ichinose senpai….Noooo.”

“Hey, she’s about to blow her fuse.”

“Ufufu, she’s so cute.”

What should I do what should I do!? I fell in love. I’ve got a crush!

I’m happy but I feel more overwhelmed with confusion.

When I think about Ichinose senpai my chest tightens and my face reddens, Seta-san and Uchimura-san are both laughing at my reaction.

What kind of face should I meet Ichinose senpai with tomorrow!?

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Soshite Shoujo wa Akujo no Karada o Te ni Ireru Chapter 11

Chapter 11

“Break up with with Ichinose senpai already!”

Umm, but we already broke up?

Let’s bring the story back to this morning.

It’s been 6 days since I’ve been living as Aika. Also, it’s the morning of the 3rd day I’ve been attending school.

When I was done putting my shoes from the shoe rack on, that girl came up to me.

“Shinozuka Aika. Is it true that you lost your memories?”

“Yes, that’s right. I am Shinozuka Aika.”

Besides Seta-san it’s the first time a girl has called out to me so I responded with a huge smile.

The girl was about the height of my shoulder with twin tails and almond eyes. C-Cute!

She looks like the dolls I’ve seen online.

When I was looking at her while grinning,


I felt something cold on my face. The thing that fell was a soaked wet cloth.

“If you’ve lost your memories then break up with Ichinose senpai already!”


Her yelling caused the people around us to start paying attention. If you are so inclined to know please just talk to me.

The irritated girl threw another cloth at my bewildered self. I instinctively dodged. Hey I might possibly have good reflexes!

“I really don’t like you! Ichinose senpai likes Mamiya senpai you know! You’re just in their way, ugly!”

I wonder what this feeling is. Rather than at the cloth being thrown at me, I’m more shocked that she called me ugly since Aika-chan’s face is so cute.

I’ve heard that your personality shows on your face so maybe my character is so twisted that Aika-chan’s face started to become ugly….. Aah, I feel bad for Aika-chan.

When my feet were starting to stagger from shock, someone came from behind to support me.

“Are you okay?”


I looked up at the one supporting my shoulders and saw a worried looking Tanaka-kun.

“What happened?”

“It-it has nothing to do with you!”

The twin tailed girl took a few steps back as if she were panicked and her eyes looked cautious.

Tanaka-kun looked at my face and the towel that fell by my feet, then furrowed his eyebrows and made a somewhat scary expression.

“What did you do to Shinozuka-san?”

“Like I said, it has nothing to do with you! It’s that girl’s fault! Because she won’t break up with Ichinose senpai! You better break up with him!”

Biting on her lips out of frustration, the girl quickly ran away.

I don’t know who that girl was but she was telling me she wanted me to break up with Ichinose senpai. Speaking of breaking up, haven’t we….. wait? Now that I think of it I still haven’t talked about us splitting up. So then that must mean Ichinose senpai and I are still going out?


My heart sped up and my face was getting redder.

“Are you okay Shinozuka-san? Don’t take what she said to heart.”

Tanaka-kun picked up the cloth and was worrying over me. Not good not good, I need to thank him.

“Thank you Tanaka-kun. I’m all right.”

“Really? Then that’s good.”

Tanaka-kun is so nice. I want to return the favor sometime.

Tanaka-kun put the cloth away and after I cleaned my slightly dirtied face in the sink we headed towards the classroom.

I want to go meet Ichinose senpai now, but I don’t know which class he has. Now that I think of it Tanaka-kun did say that the committee members ate on the second floor during lunch.

All right, I’ll go tell him during lunch. Speaking of lunch, I wonder what I should get today.

The cafeteria was crowded as usual. As I was pondering what to get in front of the meal ticket machines, I heard a familiar sound of cheering. It helped because it immediately let me know that the student council members were coming.

I bought a ticket for naporitan and went to the back of the line where the student council members were. Mikoshiba-kun was so tall that I was able to instantly find them.

“Hello, Mikoshiba-kun.”

“Shinozuka. Are you getting used to school?”

“Yeah, it’s really fun.”

“The two of you really seem to get along. You aren’t going to greet me too?”

Right next to Mikoshiba-kun, Sakaki-kun peeped his head out. Beside him was Chiba-kun but I don’t see Ichinose senpai. Too bad.

“Who are you looking for? Ahh, you want to see Kazuki? Too bad but I think Kazuki is happily eating his bento with Sakurako right now.”

Sakaki-kun was grinning and laughing happily. Did something exciting happen?

“Hello Sakaki-san. I wanted to tell Ichinose senpai something but if that’s the case I’ll tell him after school.”

“Something you want to tell him?”

“Since I didn’t tell him properly yet I’ll tell him that we’re breaking up and that Ichinose senpai should go out with the person he likes.”

“Ah—….about that huh. Wait a second.”

He took his smartphone out of his pocket and was doing something with it.

At any rate I’ve been sensing people’s glances around me for a while but I wonder if it’s because the student council members are here? To think that every time they show up, students gazes gather on them, the student council members must be pretty impressive. As a fellow student council member I need to work hard.

“I’ve contacted Kazuki so once you finish eating go meet him in the student council room.”

“Ehhh, you went out of your way to contact him? I feel bad having you do this. But I will go on my end.”

“It’s all right. Also it’s not the kind of conversation you want other people to hear.”

How considerate. I didn’t think that far ahead.

But I feel bad making him wait so I’ll eat my lunch quickly and wait in the room for him instead.

“Shinozuka, are you also eating on the second floor?”

“I know that it’s special but I prefer the fir—….”

“That’s good, let’s do that. All right, let’s go Aika-chan.”

Without waiting for my response, Sakaki carried the tray with the neapolitan and took me with him to the second floor.

Now that I think of it, that means he wants me to eat lunch with him? Really? Yay, he’s so nice for eating lunch with me!

“Today I decided to try the neapolitan.”

On the round table, delicious looking meals were lined up. I can’t hold back the sound of my stomach growling.

The walls of the second floor were red and were adorned with pretty paintings. There were stylish white tables with chairs facing each other. Against the wall a fluffy looking sofa was prepared and slightly gave off that image of high class.

But the people eating on the second floor were so quiet that they weren’t as lively as the first floor. In spite of these things the second floor has, the first floor still seems more nice and fun.

“Mikoshiba-kun, I’m amazed at how high your karaage is piled up. As one would expect from you.”

“Fried food again? Good grief, you’ll get a sour stomach.”

Chiba-kun, who was saying complaints while eating, had a honorable Japanese style meal. It appears to have a restaurant level quality. Afu, to think that they had something like this too. I wonder if this is normal?

“I can’t go to the student council room later since I have to participate in club activities today so best regards.”

“Okay, good luck.”

I wonder what club Sakaki is in? I’m curious but I was even more interested in the food so I didn’t ask.

Because, Sakaki was eating a hamburg steak. It’s so popular that it’s a contender for one of the highest ranked side dishes for little kids. Moreover, the place he cut with the knife had juice seeping out….gulp, ahh, it looks so good.

Why is it that other people’s food always appears more tasty? It’s troublesome.

“You want some?”

I’m not sure if it’s because he noticed that I was staring at it but he cut a bite size off and held it out in front of my eyes.

“Oh no, then you’ll have less lunch Sakaki-san.”

“Don’t worry about it. Here, open wide.”

The delicious looking hamburg was being swayed in front of my eyes. Uuu, please forgive me for being weak against temptation.

“O-Okay then…..thank you for the food. A—n.”

The hamburg went into my mouth instantly. The moment I readily bit down on the Japanese style hamburg, the juiciness spread throughout the top of my tongue. It has a soft texture. This is,


The hamburg was so good and the taste of salt and pepper was very nicely put in. I also want to try the demi glace version of this. No, I have to try it out!

“…..Shinozuka, do you also want to try my karaage?”

“No, I feel bad.”

“Don’t hold back. Eat it.”

He grabbed a piece with his chopsticks and put it in front of my eyes like Sakaki did. Kuu, the smell of the karaage is stimulating my stomach.

“Okay then I’ll have just one piece. A—n, afuafu.”

Apparently it was just fried so it was piping hot, the outside was crisp while the inside was soft and juicy.

What is this, it’s the first time I’ve had karaage this good.

“Mufufufu, it’s so good.”

When people are eating good things, they smile. Certainly, delicious meals have the power to make people feel blessed.

“…Hey, Aika-chan. Do you want to try a bite of my fried shrimp? It’s very good.”

“If that’s the case then how about my meatballs?”

For some reason they keep offering to feed me their side dishes but if I do they’ll have less food. When I tried to refuse,

“There’s not very much space left in my stomach so I would be happy if Aika-chan ate it for me.”

“Yeah, since after this I’m going to the store. Don’t worry about it, here.”

I was a little bewildered but it would be a waste if these side dishes got cold so I’ll just try a bite of each.

“It almost looks as if we’re feeding a baby bird.”

Finishing my lunch, I quickly headed towards the student council room. I ate a little too much so my stomach hurt a bit but my heart feels fulfilled with happiness. I’m glad they’re nice people.

When I knocked on the student council room door, I head Ichinose senpai’s voice coming from within. Darn it, I was going to wait for him first.

“Excuse me. Sorry that I called you out like this.”

“No it’s fine. Do you have any business?”

I’m not sure if it’s just my imagination but Ichinose senpai’s face seemed dark. Is he mad that I called him out so suddenly?

Ahh, now that I think of it wasn’t Ichinose senpai eating his bento with Sakurako-san…. What have I done!? To think that I got in the way of the two of them’s happiness. I need to apologize.

“I am very sorry to have bothered you during lunch!”

“That’s okay. What do you need?”

Although I lowered my head, the response I got was in a cold voice. It’s making me sad. Not because Ichinose senpai is mad or sad but I’m sad because I’ve created an unpleasant situation.

“Um, I heard that we’re are dating from Sakaki-san.”


Ichinose senpai continued to read the book in his hand without looking at me. It’s as if to say that he wants me to hurry up and get this over with, he’s not even glancing at me. It made me think that the smile I saw on his face at the park was an illusion and that he might actually loathe me.

My hands, my feet, they’re shaking. I want to run away from here but I have something I need to tell him so, you can do it, me!

“I’ve heard that you have someone you like senpai.”


“If that’s the case, then you should break up with me and go out with the person you like!”


Finally, Ichinose-senpai raised his face. When I think that my face is being reflected in his eyes my chest hurts. I just thought this but my chest only hurts when it’s about Ichinose senpai. I wonder why?

“I’m very sorry. I really should I have told you when I saw you on Friday. I’m so very sorry that the me before pulled you apart from the one you like.”

When I finished saying everything I wanted to say, senpai made a bit of a troubled face.

“That’s the reason why you called me out?”


“Oh, okay.”

I few moments later, he put the book he was reading on the desk and stood up from his chair then slowly approached me.

“I got it. Thank you Aika.”

Ichinose senpai smiled softly. As soon as I saw that smile, the nervous tension released from my body, making me collapse on the spot.

“Are you okay!?”

The surprised Ichinose senpai grabbed my arm and kneeled down to my height since I couldn’t get up as if to meet eyes with me. Ahh, he’s attractive today too.

“I’m okay. I was so relieved to see your smile that I lost all my energy. Aren’t you upset about something?”

“Did I look that upset to you?”

Ichinose senpai put his hand over his mouth as if to cover it and inclined his head in doubt. He must have not been aware of it.

From the moment he entered he had a tingling atmosphere, and when I told him that I thought he was mad because I bothered him during lunch he said,

“I’m not upset. It’s just that being called out by Aika has……never been a good memory.”

He gave me a bitter smile. Then my ear twitched sharply.

From my experience so far, I can tell that it was not something pleasant. I know I probably shouldn’t ask but I’m so curious.

“Um, so for example?”

I’m frightened but I tried asking. Please Aika-chan, I pray that you never injured Ichinose senpai.

“……I’ve been clung on too, had my arms linked to hers, things like that. Also there was umm, ki-”


To think she’s done such a thing!

It’s true that Ichinose senpai and Aika-chan went out but to think that I would cling onto Ichinose senpai myself….. no way no way no way no way no way!!

Just thinking of it is making me embarrassed so I covered my face with my hands. I can’t even look at Ichinose senpai!


“Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry! I’m never going to do something like that again. Ahh, really oh my gosh….”

Aika-chaan, you’re too bold you know.

I suddenly realized, I wasn’t embarrassed at all at having Yuuya-kun seeing me naked so why do I think it’s so embarrassing to cling to Ichinose senpai? Much less being naked is,


“Calm down!”

My face is so hot I can’t handle it. I thought even my ears were flushed since it felt like my face was burning.

In order to calm down the disturbed and panicked me, I grabbed my head and shook it violently.

Gebububu, my brain’s shaking. Ah, this feels kind of familiar.

“Did you settle down?”

“Au… sorry for causing trouble. Um, senpai.”

“What is it?”

“I won’t cling onto you anymore so feel relieved. Be happy with Sakurako-san.”

I took deep breaths as I informed Ichinose senpai. With this Ichinose senpai and I are just senpai and kouhai to each other. From now on we can liven up the student council together and I can enjoy the fun student life I want.


“Fufu, you really like Sakurako-san don’t you senpai. Right now you have a very gentle smile.”

“Don’t tease me. But I do really like her though.”

I’m not sure if he’s thinking of Sakurako-san, but I think he has the same gentle smile he always makes but something’s different about it. It feels more, affectionate.


Why does it feel like tears are going to come out? I wanted to see senpai’s smile but it’s somewhat painful to look at.

“…I’m leaving now. Thank you very much for coming here.”

“Well, today we’re explaining how the athletic festival is going to go so I’ll be here again after school.”

“Okay, excuse me.”

Once I exited the student council room I quickened my pace as if I were escaping.

I didn’t want to remain there. I don’t know why but I didn’t want to stay there any more.

The chime sounding the end of lunch rang so the other students in the hall began to start running like me. As I was heading towards the classroom all I could think about was Ichinose senpai’s smile as he was saying that he liked Sakurako-san.


Before I realized it the tears were rolling down in large drops, no matter how much I wiped them they wouldn’t stop, and I don’t know why.. But as soon as I knew that I was crying not only were the tears falling but it also let out in my voice.

“Uu, uu…..why, are tears, falling?”

I should be used to pain by now but the ache in my chest was unbearable and difficult. Although it’s about myself I don’t know and some indescribable sorrow was overflowing, I couldn’t move from where I was until the tears stopped.

“I see, the person herself is unaware. Sorry, Aika-chan.”

Since fifth period was self-study, no one minded that I was a little late.

But only Tanaka-kun noticed that my eyes were red and seemed concerned. Since I didn’t know the reason myself I told him nothing was wrong though he didn’t seem convinced.

I got ahold of myself and decided to try my best during sixth period. The fact that I have difficult things and happy things happen are proof that I am living.

Sixth period is practice for the athletic festival. For the three legged race, working together is important. I counted the steps out loud with my pair, Tanaka-kun, as went around the gymnasium.

“One two, one two.”

We were slow at first, but we gradually gained speed. Tanaka-kun matched my steps so it was very easy to run fast. When I stumbled he worried about me, unlike the other pairs which were yelling at each other. He’s like bodhisattva. Next time I’ll worship him.

“One two, one two, Uwaa!”

I’m not sure if it was because we hadn’t tripped for a while and I got careless but our breathing got out of sync. Unpreparedness is one’s greatest enemy.

Tanaka-kun lost his balance and started collapsing towards my direction, of course I couldn’t stop this so we fell on my back.


“S-sorry! Are you ok-”

“Yes, I’m fine. Do you have any injuries, Tanaka-kun?”

Tanaka-kun hung over me, who had fallen on my back, and his face was very close. Ahh, I’ve discovered a mole on the nape of his neck.

“Uwa, s-sorry!”

In a panic, he tried to get up and separate from me but did he forget? Right now we’re practicing for the three legged race so Tanaka-kun and I are tied together tightly by our ankles. That’s why,


“Ah, sorry! Hold on.”

He pulled my foot and I felt pain on my ankle, then Tanaka-kun panicked and tried to get me up by pulling my arm.

But with the entanglement of my foot and the recoil of pulling it now we’re falling towards Tanaka-kun’s side.

“Ouch, are you okay Tanaka-kun?”

“Y-yeah….Sorry about earlier.”

“Oh no, this is just practice so you don’t need to worry and we can just get up again anyways. Besides that, I’m just glad that we didn’t get injured.”

It would be a disaster if we accidentally twisted an ankle.

Since we were still in the situation with me on top of Tanaka-kun, we slowly got up and once again resumed practice. Let’s aim for number one!

“….this must be one of the side benefits of doing this.”

“Did anything happen?”

“No, let’s try our best.”


Classes ended, and as I was heading towards the student council room I ran into that girl again. The girl with the twin tails and almond shaped eyes had her arms folded and was glaring at me with an irritated look.

“You’re late!”

What. Did we have a promise or something? I don’t ever remember doing something like that though. But it seems like she was waiting for me so I guess I’ll apologize for now.

“You waited for me? I’m sorry.”

“Who would wait for someone like you!”

What, so which one is the truth!?

“So do you remember what I said this morning?”

By this morning she must mean about breaking up with Ichinose senpai. It’s possible that Ichinose senpai asked her to do it.

“Yeah, I remember.”

“Then why don’t you break up immediately! You lost your memories so there’s no reason for you to be by senpai’s side any more!”

Her voice resonated throughout the corridor. She pointing at me and saying the same things as this morning so it seems like she doesn’t know yet.

“Me and Ichinose senpai-”

“I already know what you want to say. You don’t want to break up right?”


She interrupted my words and said the exact opposite. I happened to just remember that my doctor once to me to listen to what people say until they finish. Now I can understand that feeling.

“You know what? Ichinose senpai has Mamiya senpai. The two of them have such deep feelings for each other that there’s no place for someone like you to slip in between them.”

“Well, that’s why-”

“Don’t you know that this is all in vain? You’re trying to do something pointless and hurt them in the process. What you’re doing is the worst you know!”


“Break up with Ichinose senpai already!”

As I was saying we did already break up. Listen to what I’m saying—.

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Soshite Shoujo wa Akujo no Karada o Te ni Ireru Chapter 10

Chapter 10
After that, I returned home, my head full of thoughts about Ichinose senpai. His gently smiling profile keeps appearing in my head. Ahh, my chest hurts.

I’m glad today is Thursday since I don’t know what kind of face I should make next time I see him. But at this rate I’m going to be troubled when I see him on Monday. I need to think of a plan…. so I thought but as soon as I think of Ichinose senpai my head heats up and I can’t think of anything else so it’s all over.

My chest hurts and although I’m not really hungry I strangely keep using my chopsticks.

Once I finished my lunch, I laid around on the sofa.

Yuuya-kun has his lunch while my mom’s at work. I had finished all the work asked of me in the morning enthusiastically so I was bored because I had nothing to do. That’s why I can’t stop thinking about it.

All right. Let’s go somewhere then!

“Let’s explore—, explore—.”

I wore a lacy dress and white shoes. The sun seemed bright so I held a parasol as I explored the neighborhood.

I want to memorize the way to school so right now I’m trying to get to the station without using my smartphone.

Some houses had a lot of pretty flowers and some were traditional Japanese style homes. I also saw dogs and a nursery school, the places around Aika-chan’s home were overflowing in things that brought out my curiosity.

As I was walking towards the station I greeted the people I passed, talked with people walking their dogs, found a river, walked to that riverside and got excited when I found a park there, completely forgetting my original goal.

Because, there was a park you know!?

A swingset, jungle gym, slide, and on top of that a sandbox. If you see something this fun, you have to go play in it right!

I did things like playing in the sandbox with the kids in the neighborhood and playing hide and seek to the point where I was sweating.

I continued playing until the kids went home when I finally thought something.

“Where am I?”

When I looked around I saw that there were no buildings I recognized. I thought I’d ask someone but there were no pedestrians and the children which were my last ray of hope were nowhere in sight since a while ago the last kid went home in their parent’s car.

What should I do.

That’s right, my phone! With my smartphone I could just look up where I am!

I took my smartphone out of my bag and tried to use it but there was no response. Even when I press the power button it doesn’t respond. In other words,

“There’s no more battery!”

Are, are you kidding me!?

No matter how many times I press the power button the screen remains black.

Now that I think of it I haven’t charged it since yesterday. This morning it still had power but I didn’t check to see the percentage I had left. I usually don’t carry it with me when I walk so I’ve made a huge mistake! That means….

“I’m lost!?”

I’m a 17 year old but I’m lost. Drooping my head down, I sat down right on the spot. To think that I would get lost…..I heard that when you get lost you shouldn’t move recklessly since that would just make you even more lost.

When I stood up I wiped the sand off my skirt and sat on the swings. The swing that had seemed so fun to the point that I stood on it feels no fun anymore now that I feel hopeless.

In the park with no one in it, the only thing one could see moving was the shadow of a single figure on a swing. The park without the children’s laughing felt lonely,


My vision began to get blurry. A teardrop fell on my knee. It felt as if that drop was the anxiety in my heart falling and becoming a stain.

What should I do if I can’t return home.

“Higu, uuu—….”

I couldn’t stand it any longer so I slowly let out my crying voice. I cried on the swing just like a child.

“What’s wrong?”

“..! Bue..”

When I heard the voice I raised my head and using my vision blurred by crying I saw someone standing. In surprise I quickly wiped my eyes and looked up again,


“Woah, I-I-Ichinose senpai!?”

The person who was my savior was the one person I didn’t want to see right now if I could help it.

Why is Ichinose senpai here!? Out of all things for him to see me crying is so embarrassing.

“What are you doing here?”

“Um, well, that is…”

I couldn’t look him in the eyes so I looked away. I know it’s sort of awkward but for some reason I don’t want to see senpai’s face. When I became lost my blood should have cooled down but now it’s so hot it feels like I’m boiling.

Yesterday was so awkward so I don’t want to see him now. But there’s a part of me that’s happy to see Ichinose senpai. Why?

“….Why were you crying?”

“Auu… Please don’t laugh at me.”

“Hm? Okay.”

Hearing his worried voice made my chest hurt. I felt ready and told him the truth.

“I was trying to memorize the area around my neighborhood but I was pulled into looking at things like the river and seeing the dogs which brought me to this park. After playing with the kids here….. I forgot how to return home.”

“In other words, you’re lost?”

“Uu, it’s embarrassing but it’s true. I was going to look up my current location on my smartphone but I forgot to charge it so it wouldn’t turn on, that’s when I realized I was out of options.”

He must be shocked. To get lost when you’re already in high school is embarrassing.

But seeing Ichinose senpai made me lose my anxiety. I’m not alone anymore.

“Fu, fuha.”


“Oh, sorry. If that’s the case then I’ll take you home.”

He just laughed for a second now didn’t he? He’s laughed right? Whatever the reason was, Ichinose senpai smiled towards me.

My chest squeezed tightly. What’s happening to my heart…. wait, what?

“You know where my house is?”

“Yeah, since I’ve taken you home several times.”

“You’re my savior senpai!”


I did it! I can return home!

I walk next to the road with senpai. Afu, he’s close. I need to take deep breaths, deep breaths. So the same thing as yesterday doesn’t happen again I’ll try not to look at Ichinose senpai’s face.

I’m happy just being with Ichinose senpai but isn’t he bored since we aren’t talking? I need to think of some topic to talk about.

“Shen-Senpai do you live around this area?”

I was so nervous that I stumbled over the word.

“No, my house is 2 stations away from here. I passed by here on my way back from cram school and happened to find you Aika.”

“I see, so you’re returning home from cram school. Sounds tough.”

“Yeah, since I’m preparing for the exams.”

Thats right, Ichinose senpai is a third year so next year he’s going to college. We only have one year left together. Uu, my chest.

Wait, there was something I felt like I had to say to Ichinose senpai.

Oh yeah!

“Ichinose senpai!”

Senpai had a surprised face since I stopped so suddenly and raised my voice.

His hair was smoothly fluttering in the wind. His slim figure had no unnecessary fat. I could see his collarbone under his shirt and his rolled up sleeves which let me see his tough, manly arms. Ahh, he’s so attractive….. Wait, that’s not it!!

“Sorry about yesterday! For suddenly throwing the printouts at you.”

“Oh, about that. I’m not bothered by it so you don’t have to apologize.”

Once I lowered my head, something suddenly flowed away. Where did all my nervousness and worry go….

But I’m glad that he said that it didn’t bother him. Ichinose senpai’s heart is wide. I should learn from his example.

As we were talking I found a place I recognised. From here on I know the way home.

“I can go home from here. Thank you very much!”

“All right. Try to go straight home without getting distracted.”

“Okay! You be careful too senpai!”

When I started to go after bowing lightly, from behind senpai I saw Yuuya-kun coming towards me on his bike.

“Welcome home—!”


Even though his expression showed that he didn’t want to, I’m happy that he stopped for me.

Yuuya-kun looked tired from returning home after club activities. Once we get home I’ll massage his shoulders for him.

My eyes immediately went to the book and flower in the basket on his bicycle.

“That’s a carnation right?”


“I see, since it’s mother’s day tomorrow. You’re a nice guy Yuuya.”

“Not really, that’s not true.”

He must be embarrassed, Yuuya-kun turning away shyly is cute. But wait a second.

“Mother’s day!? Tomorrow’s mother’s day!?”

What a predicament! I didn’t prepare anything for the important mother’s day!

I can’t just stand here. It’s time to hurry home and think of something.

“Senpai, I’m going home. Thank you for leading me home!”

I dashed towards my house. The sun is already down so I can’t go shopping but I’ll search online to see if there’s anything I could do. I want to give my mom a surprise that’ll make her happy.

“Looks like a storm is coming.”

“She lost her memories but is still playing around with Ichinose senpai.”

“No, that’s not the case since…… I don’t think the original Aika was that simple minded.”

“…….I wonder what’s going on.”

The next day, my mom was gone since she was at work.

I need to get ready right away. Since mother is always doing all the housework, today I’ll do the cooking, laundry, and cleaning.

I looked up how to use a washing machine yesterday so now I know I was able to use it. Afterwards I did the window cleaning and used the vacuum cleaner until it was noon.

While I yawned as if I was tired, Yuuya-kun entered the living room.

“Good morning.”

He passed by without replying and opened the fridge, then heated up the yakisoba our mom made using the stove. It’s already noon so he must be hungry. Once I hang the clothes to be dried I’ll eat lunch too.

“….What are you doing?”

“Huh? It’s mother’s day so I thought I’d help with the housework.”

“I see.”

By the time I came to eat lunch with him he was already done eating and was sitting on the sofa, watching tv.

After I wash the dishes it’s time to shop. If I don’t hurry I won’t make it.

I headed towards the supermarket after confirming the location on my phone. I thought I’d send mom something but I don’t know what her tastes are and I don’t have the time so I decided to make dinner.

A food that everyone can eat and is easy to make for a beginner like me. That’s curry. What, you say I had it two days ago? I don’t care, I don’t mind. I can eat it however many times.

“Potato, carrots, and onions. Other than that is the meat and the curry pack I guess.”

My heart was racing since it was my first time going to the supermarket. Once I went inside I saw a variety of vegetable colors! Ahh, over here is the fruits corner. Bananas, apples, and even strawberries. They really have everything—.

“Ahh, I almost forgot my original goal.”

I’m a curious individual so my eyes easily get distracted by all the products. The things I need have to go in my basket. Ahh, this is the first time I’ve seen a raw fish! It looks so fresh that it seems like it’ll move any second. So this is a fish, I want to touch it.

I went around the store in the same manner all excited and by the time I was done it was already past three so I rushed home.

“All right, it’s time to make this—!”

I lined up the vegetables and followed the instructions on how to make it from the back off the curry box.

“Let’s see, first I need to cut the vegetables into bite sizes.”

I rinsed the dirt off the potato, and also quickly rinsed the carrots. Yuuya-kun entered the living room.

“….What are you doing?”

“It’s mother’s day so I thought I’d make dinner.”

“Can you even make something we can eat?”

“I’ll try my best!”


Huh, for a second Yuuya-kun’s eyes looked like the fish I saw at the supermarket.

Since I already rinsed the vegetables I’m going to cut them for now. It’s my first time cooking so I can’t help but have fun. I set the potato on the cutting board, let’s do this!

“Wait a second!!”


When I began to cut the potato, Yuuya-kun had an upset expression as he tried to stop me.

“Why are you holding the knife with two hands and trying to swing it down with such great force! Are you using it like an ax!”

“The potato was so hard that I thought it would be best to cut it with a lot of strength but…..”

“Also you still haven’t even peeled off the skin. Cut it after you remove the skin.”

That makes sense. So you peel the skin off first.

I put the potato in my left hand to hold it while peeling it with the knife but my right hand keeps shaking so I can’t do it well.

Uuu, this is kind of scary.

“Ohh, hand me that. You go use the peeler to remove the carrot’s skin.”

He said that and took away the knife, Yuuya-kun was swiftly peeling the skin off the potato after washing his hands. Is he a craftsman!?

I-I also want to show off some sisterly skills.

This is the peeler. I used the peeler I found in the drawer and swiftly removed the skin off a carrot. What is this, it feels satisfying! Even I could do this.

“Yuuya-kun you’re great at cooking.”

“This level is normal. You’re just unskillful.”

“You really have the diligence. By the way Yuuya-kun-”

“Aren’t you just too positive? What?”

“Until what point do you peel the carrot?”

I’ve been peeling it since earlier but I don’t know where to stop. If I keep peeling it’ll become really thin.

“Bah! Are you an idiot! You’re done once you peel one time around. You’re doing something pointless.”

“Eeeeh, really!?”

“Start cooking once you know at least that much first!”

What a big mistake I made. To think that I’m wasting a carrot that some farmer made.

Beside me, feeling down Yuuya-kun let out a big sigh and put the skinny carrot and the paper thin carrot into a bowl.

“There’s still some potato left over so we could use it for potato salad.”

“Yuuya-kun…..Thank you!”

“Don’t mess up next time.”


Like that we steadily finished cutting the veggies and the meat (Yuuya-kun did most of it) and the curry was made. Cooking is all about love. That’s why I’ll keep thinking it. I held my hands over my head and prayed for the food to become delicious.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m sending it love. I’m wishing that it’ll taste good so mom will be pleased.”

“You look like a witch casting a curse to me.”

The time is before six. It’s about the time mother should be returning home.

The laundry I had hung outside had completely dried so I tried my best at folding it but I couldn’t do it well. Unable to let it pass unnoticed, Yuuya-kun once again helped me.

To have such a kind younger brother, I’m such a fortunate person.

“There’s a limit to how unskilled someone could be. It’s all wrinkled, hang it up after properly stretching it out.”

“I’m home—”

“Ahh, welcome home!”

“I smell curry, did you have some Yuuya ?”

Returning home from work, my mom smelled the curry and called out to Yuuya-kun.

“You’re wrong. We made it.”

“Huh? Wow, the room looks so clean. And the laundry is done.”


I was able to see my mom’s shocked face, so I guess the surprise was a success?

“Thank you for everything. Since today is mother’s day, Yuuya and I made today’s dinner with our feelings of thankfulness.”

“I made most of it though.”

“Yeah, Yuuya-kun might be a cooking genius. He’s great at using the knife!”

“Does sarcasm not get through to you—”

My mom opened her eyes in surprise. Also the fact that the cleaning and laundry were done made her more astonished. Fufufu, I did it! A huge success.

We lined the curry up on the table and my mom took the first bite.

“..It’s really good.”

“We did it, Yuuya-kun.”

“It’s alright.”

Yuuya-kun, who had already begun eating, gulfed down the curry, repeatedly bringing the spoon to his mouth. Being both kind and shy, he’s too cute.

“It’s truly good. Both of you, thank you.”

My gently smiling mom’s eyes looked like they were moved to tears a bit.

It was my first time cooking so I learned how much work it was to cook. I’m really thankful that although she has work, she still makes us dinner every day.

I want to help as much as I can so I want to make dinner again. Next time I want to make a rich omelette rice like the one from my school lunch. That time I want to work hard on it together with Yuuya-kun just like today.

“Say that once you’re able to make tamagoyaki.”

More importantly, I haven’t even cracked an egg before.

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